Hemorrhoids Symptoms

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Hemorrhoid Operation

If you are going through the severe pain, then you may think of a hemorrhoid operation as the last resort. At this stage, you can find not all other treatments are effective. Experts recommend starting treating this disease at an early stage with the simple natural cures and home remedies. Hemorrhoid operations are the painful option. Treating at an earlier stage can help to avoid hemorrhoid operation. Nearly everyone with a grave case of hemorrhoids try out many treatments.

Hemorrhoid operations are mainly of five types. Two are for the internal hemorrhoids and three are for the external hemorrhoids. The first type of operation through which the hemorrhoids are taken surgically is eminent as hemorhoidectomy. The second kind of hemorrhoid operation includes laser coagulation. In this treatment and electric current tends to the area. Later the chemical reaction takes place which results in blocking of the flow of blood. In addition, the swollen tissues will shrink. The third hemorrhoid operations are infrared photocoagulation. In this treatment, the infrared light is passed through coagulate. It helps the tissues to shrink. Experts recommend Injection sclerotherpy for internal hemorrhoids. It assists in preventing the blood flow and ends up in shrinking in the end.

The last type of hemorrhoid operations includes rubber band litigation. In this type of treatment, a small rubber band is used to wrap the hemorrhoids base. It halts the blood flow, therefore, stops the excessive blood loss. Eventually, the hemorrhoids dry up after a period. Nevertheless, do not forget that operation is the last option if none of the treatments is giving you the desired results. However, as far as possible avoid hemorrhoid operation. It is a painful process. You have to go through the worst conditions. There are very few, who go through hemorrhoid operation. It is not simple, as it seems to be. It requires proper consultation.

The most common surgerical methods include Photocoagulation, Doppler Guided Hemorrhoid Artery Ligation, Rubber Band Ligation, Hemorrhoidectomy, and Injection Sclerotherapy. Photocoagulation has various types. The treatment depends upon the seriousness of the disease. Doppler Guided Hemorrhoidal Artery Ligation treatment is the best alternative for the Hemorrhoidectomy treatment.  Majority of the people who have undergone this treatment face infection, band slips, severe pain and bleeding. Experts recommend Hemorrhoidectomy only if the condition is severe. It is less painful than other treatments.  A possible side effect of Injection Sclerotherapy includes allergic reaction, and incontinence to the sclerosant or infection.

The other surgical options include enema, hemorrhoidolysis, transanal hemorrhoidal dearterialization and cry surgery. These are all facilitating to remove hemorrhoid internal or external, big or small. Among these possibilities, hemorrhoid operations are highly painful and are of high risk. The alternative treatments are painless, affordable and risk free. It does not pose any harmful side effects. The recovery period is also comparatively less and are less expensive. Always consider operation as the last option, or try to avoid hemorrhoid operation. It is in fact the most painful procedure and includes the complete bed rest for some time. 


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